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“Lifelong home cook Ella Peters was tired of wasting ingredients from using recipes from cookbooks and the internet that didn't work so she created tried-and-true family favorites in Guaranteed Delicious”

I confess, I am a self-described foodie, one who loves family, adventure, and—especially—great food. I started cooking when I was very young, baking gourmet cakes and making pizzas with unusual ingredients, and I never stopped.

Today, I share this love of cooking with my family and I encourage my kids to cook as well. My daughters and sons all cook and bake on a regular basis and they have contributed several very delicious recipes to the cookbook.

When it comes to cooking, it's very important to me that recipes are easy to follow, don't take a long time, come out perfectly, and, of course, taste fabulous. And that's the reason why I wrote this cookbook. I got tired of buying cookbooks and finding only one or two recipes that we all really liked. And as I started compiling recipes to include in the book, I realized I could not only include the reliable everyday recipes my family loves so much, but I could add in some of the beloved dishes of my Nigerian childhood, which have always been a big hit every time I make them.

Guaranteed Delicious is a collection of amazing recipes that everyone in your family will love. Each crowd-pleasing recipe comes out perfect every time.

"We discovered that many of the recipes we found just didn't work."

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If you are looking for a cookbook so enticing, you'll want to make every recipe, you've come to the right place. Guaranteed Delicious offers delectable recipes that are incredibly easy to make, come out perfect every time, and meals your family will absolutely love.

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This go-to arsenal of recipes including heartwarming soups, fresh salads, comfort food classics, and sweet desserts, will have you cooking up a storm every day of the week.

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